Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hive Update, Early Spring 2014

What was I just saying?  Oh yeah.  The bees.  At least they have been dormant this winter.  This update will be about the Royer-Miller Hive.
Needless to say, it has been quite the time these past nine months since the last post.  The point at which I posted Isaac was probably just about to become more mobile.  I was probably just telling Alten to be patient, that someday Isaac would actually be able to chase him and be chased, instead of just sitting there looking cute and needing the attention that Alten wanted.  And we were gearing up to figure out how to get in a yurt that wouldn't collapse.
We are now at the point where Isaac is chasing Alten, and it seems like we have been running around like crazy ever since last May (if not before).  The gap between posts will attest to that.
In the intervening time we went from choosing a yurt from Pacific Yurts to deciding we couldn't do a yurt right now after all, from Alten wanting his hair buzzed like Daddy to Alten not wanting his hair even trimmed, from an Alten who would rather hit his brother with any convenient blunt object (block, box, baseball bat, etc.) to an Alten who can sit next to his brother and trade toys in the sandbox, and from a couple of parents collapsing into bed at 11:00 having done the dishes and answered the urgent emails to a couple of parents who have twice gotten to play a game of Yahtzee together in the span of two weeks.  Wow!
There will be updates and clarifications on each of these points as I step back into blogging, especially the bees. But some photos are warranted..
Isaac and Alten frolicking in what's left of Margo's birthday carnations.
We saw this "Baby Got Backhoe" shirt on a visit with Uncle Chris and Aunt Ragan in North Carolina.  We all laughed about it.  After telling Alten what it said, his reaction was "That's not a backhoe.  That's an excavator.  It should say 'Baby Got Excavator'."  That's our boy!

Meals sometimes get crowded in Mama's lap.

Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

I've got a dollar and Daddy's socks!  Let's go!


  1. Yippee! Welcome back, COtS! Great little boy pictures. :)

  2. Is there no hair hanging behind your head, Dan? Yikes! Alten's three "ponies" are great!
    Yes, welcome back!

  3. Hello Dan! My wife and I just got done checking out your blog and had a quick question. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks! - Cam

    1. Hey Cameron! Absolutely - can you give me your address?

  4. Your both the child are very very cute and naughty also. I have burst into laughter when i saw the last picture in which your son is wearing your big socks. Funniest and good post. I really like such kind of blogs