Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting Back on the Horse

For all you who have been checking for the next post, it is clear we have been away from the blog for some time.  At this point, two children and a new job are keeping us well occupied.  We have made some huge transitions in the last few years and one more little one is Margo taking over the role of primary blogger.  This is my first post.  I'll bring you up to date, share some photo and video footage, and then name the intentions for future posts.  We'll see how often I can make it happen while I parent two beautiful, engaging boys. 
We have learned a lot in these last two years with internship as our primary focus.  We know the intensity of being prepared each day for managing work in the garden and hands-on learning, as well as theoretical lessons.  Managing people, planning, real time logistics, and being with interns almost every day for 3 months are Margo's gifts and not Dan's.  This valuable lesson informs our choice to wait a few more years before hosting interns again.  Once the boys are older (Alten is two and a half, Isaac is 13 weeks), we can commit again to something that requires Margo's attention. Thanks a bunch to Ecology Action and Peris and Samuel for all their support in making this experience possible for us and for the interns.

Alten's first snowperson, thanks Aunt Ragan and Uncle Chris!
This train of thought leads to the big job transition in our lives, shortly before Isaac was born Dan started a full-time job doing construction work in Yellow Springs, OH.  Pros: regular income, great skill building, Dan gets to follow and not manage, enjoyable co-workers/boss.  Cons: commuting 1.5 hours daily in a peak oil era (not sustainable--even with a Prius!), missing out on the daily fun and development of the boys, missing each other.  Let is be noted that we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on January 1 (yay!) and this is the first time in our marriage that we have not worked together.

This isn't how we had envisioned our life and isn't how we hope to be living, but it felt like a good choice for right now.  We wonder what this will mean for our garden this year.  We wonder where our journey for simple housing will take us.  We wonder what the next big transition will be.

In the mean time (a phrase I laugh at every time I hear it come out of Alten's mouth), we have delightful boys in our presence.  Isaac is starting to practice rolling over on his side and made one successful roll onto his tummy.  He is the smiley-est baby I know and prefers eye contact and conversation (he has a lot to say) to any toy.  Alten has a huge vocabulary and is enthralled by poems, playing with words, and construction equipment.  His favorite way to bless our meal is by saying what we are thankful for.  His list often includes but is not limited to: combines, snowplows, and bulldozers.
Making Mudball Cookies, Yum!

Future posts: End of an Era: Collapse of the Yurt; Esther and CSHEP; Peris, Mary and G-BIACK; and Name The New Car.

PS-Yes, Alten did catch the chicken and put it into his dump truck.  The next thing, missed by mamavideographer, he dumped it out.