Monday, June 11, 2012

There's a Hole in the Yurt Roof, Dear Liza, Dear Liza

Anyone else know that song?
  As a follow-up to the euphoric yurt-raising post, I though I might take this opportunity to solicit ideas for patching holes in vinyl roofs.  There are plenty of products out there for vinyl seats, pools, and decorative Cadillac roofs, but none specifically for this kind of application.
  As you may have read, I did try a pool repair kit.  The recent rain showed it to be less than effective, and it was only a .2" drizzle.
  There are some other kits out there that may work, but I'd have to buy multiple sets for all the long holes and areas with lots of small holes. 
 Anyway, I would love to hear your creative, functional solutions.


  1. My sealer catch all is silcone caulk.

    If the hole is just a bit smaller than a wine cork, try pushing though a cork from the inside. The vinyl will stretch, forming a tight seal that should be above the line of the roof.

    Long holes.... try making an inverted V above the pool kit patch with some... you guessed it, silicone caulk. That should keep the run-off from running over the patch. Then it would only have to deal with the rain directly hitting it.

    Then caulk the dickens out of it.

    1. Ha! I like it. Will the caulk stick well to the vinyl (in terms of the inverted V)?
      When I saw you had posted I wondered if the solution might be boar hides :) S'pose I could caulk some of those down, too?

  2. Dan, John wonders if you could utilize a pool liner.

  3. You could move your yurt to Liberty Mills, Indiana, where it no longer rains.

  4. Thanks for a nice read, really made my day! More power to your blog.

  5. didn't know you were yurt dwellers!! love it!