Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wiggles and Giggles

A complete change of subject matter is in order as I, Margo, compose my first blog entry. I’ll have you know I’ve already created several in my head, so you’ve enjoyed various imaginary-entries on topics ranging from garden planning, tough choices in a first season, using the goods in the kitchen, and rain water barrels! I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

But now, I’ll just make a quick note about the most prominent reality of life: PREGNANCY! We are now at 40 weeks. The counting is a little strange, basically this means full term, at our “due date,” and very large! I’ve now gained 30-35 pounds, surpassing Dan months ago and full of baby.

Little Royer-Miller has several baby names on the list for selection when we meet him/her and some pet names we use now. I oscillate between Little Munchkin, Wigglet, and Babilicious.

Movement is one of the most amazing things, the baby moving I mean. (Though my movement at this stage is notable.) It started as butterfly flutters in my belly in January and has now progressed to major kicks with tiny feet sticking out of my belly on the left side. Leg action just under my ribcage is visible to family members sitting across the table. And the little butt is probably the cutest thing ever on my right side, sometimes it rolls around as the feet move. All of this is totally miraculous and periodically sends me into giggle fits. Will I giggle as much at her/his every move when in front of me instead of inside? Only time will tell.

Last note, as you can see from the previous pictures I continued to work in the garden, transplanting and weeding on hands and knees, through 8 months. At this point my body doesn’t like it. So I prepare for the baby at home, room prep, cooking, napping, grounding, etc. while Dan prepares by getting as much done in the garden as he can. All his work feels so important and special to me right now, not being comfortable there myself. It is his gift of support and keeps us moving forward on our path as we wait for the new arrival to grace our lives and join the journey.


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I've been checking every 30 minutes for your post. :)

  2. I just came on here today after forgetting how to find you, as I've been thinking of you daily for weeks and wanted to send you some support. I'll give you a call tomorrow, perhaps, to catch up a bit. You have done an amazing job of nurturing and helping your little one to grow already--can't wait for you to meet him/her on the outside and start the next stage of motherhood. Love you!

  3. Early morning yesterday, I dreamed that _I_ had a new baby and was nursing it. After I woke up, I was just sure that you must have given birth and I was channeling you, so to speak :-). In any case, we're thinking of you lots.
    love, Rachel

  4. great photo of belly!
    eagerly awaiting photos of the "harvest"!

  5. Yea! A post from Margo. Thanks. I love you.

  6. Margo I am just wondering how your back was at 9 months? And how is your back feels now? I have been thinking of you and your past back pain since I started seeing a chiropractor.

    What a joy to have a baby! I am so happy for you and Dan.

    Love ya,

    Erin (Wilson) Hipsher